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Used to isolate Wardforce from the North and South Poles

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Take this "hands on Course"! Energy from magnets is nothing compared to the discovery of Wardforce and this is only one of Mr. Ward's discoveries. Over 40 years of research into "the unseen" (N.Tesla) and this is just to scratch the surface.  Image what YOU or YOUR children might discover after taking the Course.  Perhaps you or yours will discover something much greater than Wardforce.

About Our Alternative Energy Source Book Available in Houston, TX

Any patent Attorney will tell you that NO ONE in this world will issue a patent that claims "perpetual motion".  Before Mr. Ward's patent application would be excepted, by the U.S. Patent office, Wardforce was required to be proven.  Without proving that this part of the Magnetic Field exists, energy from Magnets (https://Google.com/patents/US7531930) could not be patented, because it would be "perpetual motion".  Mr. Ward has a copy of the report and acceptance letter from a peer-review.  The point is everyone who is required to look at all the evidence, that Mr. Ward gives them, agrees with the findings.

This book is the peer-reviewed paper that gives lists of materials needed, where to get them, pictures, drawings with step by step how to put them together and operate two (2) very different devices.  With only these Two (2) devices, over Ten (10), Earth changing discovers are demonstrated.  Here are only some of the more obvious reactions that are Scientifically defined, by duplication, with these devices. 

  1. Demonstrate Space Travel
  2. Define Gravity by duplication
  3. Define Anti-Gravity by duplication
  4. Clean, green, renewable, alternative energy source
  5. Way to control motion ("Tractor Beam" NASA)
  6. Way to cause a greater change in amplitude
  7. Way to cause induction
  8. Way to control temperature
  9. FREE wireless energy
  10. Isolate Wardforce from the North and South Poles

More videos demonstrating over 10 obvious Earth changing discoveries:  Videos demonstrating claims