Green Energy From Magnets  

Course on Magnetism

Everyone knows about the North and South Poles and that these are used for generating electricity.  But Wardforce, which has been isolated from the Poles, and is defined as the FORCE part of a magnet that causes and controls, forward and backward motion, that is huge! 

For the purpose of credibility, I am an inventor and one of my inventions has been patented here in the United States. The point is Energy from Magnets, which I have patented, is big.

I gave public testimony to the Texas State Board of Education regarding a fundamental law of electricity, the “Lenz Law”, on May 8, 1998.  As stated then, the “Lenz Law” was deducted in 1834.    His tests and findings are still only in one language that few people in the world can read and decipher. 

During the 1800’s there was no way that he could have conducted these tests that I have conducted. Not to mention, I am causing induction a different way than he did. If you do what he did and what everyone else does, from one pole to another, the “Lenz Law” is correct. But, if you do what I am doing, the “Lenz Law” is wrong. Another point is the Lenz Law does not show respect to the “Theory of Relativity” because it allows for only the opposing force. Both equal and opposite reactions are demonstrated using my devices. I show respect for the helping force and the opposing force.

I have been told by people from these countries and others (Canada, Russia, China, UK, Iraq, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Brazil, United Emirates) that, “with the information available on the internet”, they are teaching their children about Wardforce because they teach magnetism in elementary classes.

In 1998, I requested that the “Lenz Law” be revised.   I am here today pleading for our children and their future.  In order for them to be competitive in this global economy, it is a necessity, that the Lenz Law be revised and a curriculum be distributed regarding Wardforce, which is part of a magnet that is not a pole at all.  This knowledge could open the door for others to discover something much greater than what I have discovered. 

How many more years are needed before educators here in Texas will be able to learn and start teaching your children about Wardforce? We need to start teaching this now, not next year!