Showing change in thermometer

I call this Gravity and Anti Gravity defined by duplication.  This Science course for public and home school students, is only the beginning.  Greater discoveries have and will be made.  Maybe by knowing about some of my discoveries, you will be inspired and discover something much greater than Wardforce, I have and I know that you can too.

Industry Benchmark

This is something like what Lenz would have used in 1834

old technology

Steven Ward has advanced from what was published in 2009 US patent #7,531,930.

unseen force

Steven Ward demonstrates how Wardforce is isolated from the North and South Poles.

Over ten (10) earth changing discoveries demonstrated

alternative energy source

A free, clean, renewable, alternative, green energy source is only one of over Ten (10) Earth changing discoveries demonstrated by these two devices!  Just to be clear.  Knowing how to generate this Green energy, free energy from Magnets, helps give a better understanding of the relationship between Magnetic Fields, Electromagnetism and the Universe around us. Our course for students of all ages, will open the door for discovering other "the Unseen things" (N.Tesla).

The Course uses the book, which provides a list of materials needed, where to get the materials, drawings, pictures, written instructions and all the information needed for building these two devices.  With these devices (which took approximately one day, and cost roughly $200), they allow you to isolate Wardforce from the North Pole and South Pole.  You will know HOW TO use Magnets for generating green energy, cause a greater change in amplitude, demonstrate Space Travel, duplicate Gravity and AntiGravity, etc.  One of these devices, which is still patent pending, is a generator, motor and transformer all in one.

Another Unseen force

We discuss some of these other "Unseen Things" (N.Tesla) as we are exploring the secrets of the Universe.

Share this verified Science, maybe you or someone you know, will be inspired.  You could discover something much greater than Wardforce, I have and I know that you can too.

Energy from Magnets

is only one very small benefit, from just this one discovery, Wardforce.

Exploring the secrets of the Universe