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Maybe, YOU can you define it, after YOU duplicate it?  Causing these reactions here on Earth, a piece of steel speeds up as it passes the two poles on a magnet, it is required to duplicate Gravity and Anti-Gravity.  If I can, anyone can, with all this information.

Space Travel

Energy from Magnets by Energy-Ingenuity is a new alternative energy process. What would you do with all the clean energy, or should I say free energy, that you want?  Do you want to know how to use the magnetic field (magnets only) to perform work (“outputs both electrical and mechanical energy”)? Energy from Magnets is only one very small benefit and energy saving solution. Energy-Ingenuity clean energy devices coming soon.


Energy-ingenuity New Alternative Energy Process

Free Energy

Should your children be allowed to KNOW how?  Should you be allowed? With the information in this book the reader will have a better understanding of this relationship between magnetism, electricity and the world around us. Understanding the relationship between magnetism and electricity is required by State and Federal Governments. The book can be used as a supplemental curriculum in homeschool or public schools for showing this relationship as required.

Education is the road to the future.

In simple terms, the Lenz Law claims that when current is drawn from a coil, a force (EMF, electro-magnetic force) is generated that always opposes the motion. This is not how a magnet works.  For every action there is an equal and opposite, according to the Newton's "third Law of Motion"!  This alone should bring question to the "Lenz Law".  As you can see, from the videos, Wardforce is isolated from the poles.   Knowing that reverse polarity is not the only cause for forward and backward motion, there should be no question that the "Lenz Law" is wrong.  Clean energy from magnets, as demonstrated and patented, proves that the Lenz Law should not be considered a "Law of Physics".  How can anyone conserve energy using yesterday's technology ("Lenz Law")?

Conserve energy with an US patent #5191258 Electric Current Generator Including Torque Reducing CMF, Energy Producing Magnetic Converter US patent #7531930, and US patent pending #61478379 Permanent Magnet On/Off Induction Switch.  The Lenz Law is wrong when you see the cause and effect from these devices.  These processes could not be considered in 1834, or even in early 1900's, with the limited knowledge of these forces that they had.  Lenz and others did not have the proper equipment to test these processes.  They did not conserve energy during that time either.  

Reverse polarity has nothing to do with how magnets work or how to conserve energy.  All three of these mechanical switching processes that we show conserve energy.  They supply a path for the Field, turn the Field on and off and cause torque to be generated when current is taken from the pickup coil.  That is clean energy from magnets!  Any way you look at it, green energy, is free energy and that is clean energy. 

Everyone knows that a radio wave is electronically turned on and off, that it is controllable using speed and other factors, that it "FORCES" the wave generated first, to become airborne when the second wave pushes the first wave.  Testing Wardforce (slower than radio wave) has shown us other reactions we have not seen before.   We don't have the proper equipment, personnel, or way to test some of these reactions we have witnessed.  You and your children will be able to make better discussions, through understanding cause and effect.  

How to get free energy from magnets is a homeschool lesson that should be taught to all children. Steven Ward not just talking about free energy from magnets, green energy, or clean energy curriculum, He is talking about the future of science education. 

Green Energy From Magnets