Green Energy From Magnets  

How It Works

Steven Ward has created a series of YouTube videos showing the process behind the science that he is doing.

Below are some of the featured videos.

Order my book Wardforce, it is a Home School Science lesson and public school Science lesson.  Energy from magnets is nothing compared to the discovery of Wardforce and this is only one of my discoveries. Over 40 years of research and now it is time for YOUR children to learn how!

Here is a short list (there is more), of reactions demonstrated by these two devices, YOU can build.

  1. Isolate Wardforce from the North and South Poles
  2. New alternative energy source
  3. New process for causing a change in amplitude
  4. New process for controlling motion

Who benefits from KNOWING how these and other reactions are caused?

"Just because you don't understand, does this mean that, your children will not understand?" Steven Wayne Ward Sr. (2009)