Curriculum regarding Energy-Ingenuity's free, clean, renewable, alternative Energy Source

For those who want to learn more about how these reactions are caused, or about energy from magnets, which has been taught as impossible for over 300 years. We offer a course on magnetism for groups of 20 people for a one day class (book is provided).  Energy from magnets is big enough, but another part to the same magnetic field that relates to everything, and it is not a pole at all!  Apply for training by following the instructions below.

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Energy - Ingenuity
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Cause and effect will be the focus of the course and energy conservation for kids is only one benefit.  

All the needed information for duplicating these and other reactions is in my book "Wardforce".  I did, you can, and #EveryOneBenefits

  1. New alternative energy source, FREE, and clean
  2. New process for causing a change in Amplitude
  3. New process for controlling motion
  4. Isolate Wardforce from the North and South Poles
  5. Define Gravity and Anti-Gravity by duplication

Green Energy From Magnets