Energy-Ingenuity uses physical devices, demonstrating free energy from Magnets, Space Travel, and other new processes, as we explore the secrets of the Universe.


This book is the peer-reviewed paper that gives lists of materials needed, where to get them, pictures, drawings with step by step how to put them together and operate two (2) very different devices.  With only these Two (2) devices, over Ten (10), Earth changing discovers are demonstrated.  Here are only some of the more obvious reactions that are Scientifically defined, by duplication, with these two (2) devices.

          Wardforce is isolated from the North pole and South pole.  

          Space Travel can be demonstrated.  

          Gravity and Anti Gravity are defined by duplication.  

          Another way to cause a change in amplitude which also means induction happens in a different way.

          FREE, clean, renewable, alternative energy source.

Over Ten(10) Earth changing discoveries demonstrated. Free energy from Magnets, Space Travel, Tractor Beam (motion control), etc.

"Things that we demonstrate are impossible, only, until you know how." 

Be sure to look at the videos, on all the other pages, and this eye candy "LIT demonstration". Define  Gravitational Force by duplicating reactions. Energy is life and without life there is no reason for energy. The secrets of controlling energy, are the secrets of life, which is energy. If one is inspired, we can't image what secrets of the Universe YOU or YOUR children might discover.  Share Science and inspire!

Green energy, free energy, alternative energy and energy from Magnets are all the same thing. 

Exploring the secrets of the Universe

Give YOUR students an understanding of the relationship between Magnetic Fields, Electromagnetism and the Universe around us.  


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Exploring the secrets of the Universe